best catering companies in los angeles

It’s time for your next office lunch or private party and while you have planned many of these before, one element that always keeps you on the edge with anxiety is…the food.

Organizing a get-together, whether big or small, requires attention to every detail, and ensuring your guests are served quality meals is top of the list, as this will leave a memorable impression over most other things.

Los Angeles is home to movie studios, tons of celebrities and a booming business economy, with startups popping up every day. Plus, thousands of people are moving to Southern California from over 140 different countries annually, meaning lots more mouths to feed in the workplace and at home.

Today we give you the three best catering companies to consider in Los Angeles to level up your event planning skills.

1. Très LA Group

catering companies in los angeles
via Très LA

If you are seeking a full catering experience for your wedding, conference or special occasion, then Très LA should be on your list. Founded by Alan Dunn in 2003, Très LA Group is a full-service caterer that offers servers, bartenders and other catering staff to ensure your event goes smoothly.

They will send you a custom menu that you can discuss with their chef and also make their own ice cream and roll butter, now that’s something special.

2. Heirloom LA

catering companies in los angeles
via Heirloom LA

Started in 2008 by Matt Poley and Tara Maxey, Heirloom LA is one of the cities most renowned caterers. Known for their Lasagna Cupcake that fits perfectly in the palm of your hand, Heirloom is great for big and small occasions and offers full service catering to save you the hassle.

To keep up with their movements and the latest going down in their kitchen, check out their blog Yolk & Flour.

3. JamaFo Jamaican Food

catering companies in los angeles
via JamaFo’s Kitchen

Started by David Wisdom and Dave-Anthony Smith in 2018, JamaFo brings an authentic Jamaican experience to Los Angeles. We know you are tired of the tacos, sandwiches and bowls, and saw the perfect opportunity to bring our food with vibe to the SoCal area.

We specialize in drop-off catering service with the utmost efficiency and quality, ensuring you get the best bang for your buck with no unnecessary frills and additives. If you’re looking to spice up your office lunch, birthday party, wedding reception, or a small get-together, island style, JamaFo is the perfect choice. From Jerk Chicken to Jerk Tofu, Mango Salmon, Coconut Rice & Peas and lots more tropical goodness, you will be in for an amazing gastronomic experience.

Contact us today.