JamaFo - Black History Month

The past year has been an impactful one in the movement against inequality, systemic racism, prejudice and bigotry. However, this fight started long before us and was championed by many a people from different nationalities who stood up to injustices.

This month, to celebrate our Black History, we honor some of the stalwarts who paved the way through writing, poetry, music and by simply just standing up.

Each week for the entire month we’ll highlight their causes, profound struggles and motivational quotes on our instagram @jamafoxpress to educate more people on our roots, history and culture.

Week 1: Bob Marley

JamaFo celebrates Bob Marley

With his birthday on February 6th, highlighting the works of this Jamaican-born legend was a no brainer. Through music he showed the world that one love and one heart transcends borders, color and economic status.

Week 2: Marcus Garvey

JamaFo celebrates Marcus Garvey

Born in St. Ann, Jamaica, as founder of the Universal Negro Improvement Association, Marcus Garvey understood what it meant to advocate for equality through action and fortitude. His mission was not only to improve the status quo of his fellow country men and women at the time but to also elevate the human race through education.

Week 3: Rosa Parks

JamaFo celebrates Rosa Parks

Born in Tuskegee, Alabama, her fight started and went beyond refusing to give up that seat on a bus in December 1955. She joined the NAACP’s Montgomery chapter in 1943 and became secretary. During her tenure she formed a committee to investigate sexual abuse against women while also being a member of the League of Women Voters. Championing civil rights and equality not only for people of color but demanding them for women as well.

Week 4: Maya Angelou

JamaFo celebrates Maya Angelou

“I Know Why The Caged Bird Sings” not only defined a generation but brought Maya Angelou, a St. Louis native, into the spotlight as a pioneer and advocate who used words to state her cause and fight. One of Maya’s most profound quotes that can be applied to the state of the world today strongly states; “You may write me down in history with your bitter, twisted lines. You may trod me in the very dirt, but still, like dust, I’ll rise.