Drop-off catering in Los Angeles

Planning for an event soon? For many people, like yourself, the hardest part of ensuring your event goes off without a hitch is trying to stay within your budget.

Whether it is an office party, wedding or a quinceanera, you don’t want to spend more than you need to, but you also want to provide an amazingly curated experience for your guests. After all, the ambience, decor, music and food all come together to create an unforgettable experience.

In a situation like this, it is important to look at all your costs and see where cuts or compromises can be made. For many people, having catering staff on hand to answer guest questions and also ensure serving and portioning is handled to a T takes extra stress off their plate (pun intended ;). But for you, if being budget-conscious takes priority then drop-off catering is the most affordable option out there.

Here we’ll cover why drop-off catering in Los Angeles is the most affordable option for your next event.

Servers can be expensive

According to Chron Small Business, you need at least one server per 25 guests. Therefore, if your event has a confirmed headcount of 150 people you’re looking at a minimum of 6 servers to ensure things go smoothly. Now let’s break down the numbers.

If your event runs for 3 hours and the catering company is charging $25 per hour for each server (they take a cut before the server is paid), then you’re looking at an added cost of $450, on top of your already heavy food costs (for an event this size, your food bill is already over $2,000 at minimum if you are offering a diverse menu).

Considering this, it might be a better option to hire a drop-off caterer and let your guests serve themselves.

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Self-service does not have to be complicated

Now, you might be thinking this. Ok, 150 guests, all serving themselves for a 3 hour event, this will be chaos! Actually, it might be the opposite. You see, when an efficient drop caterer is hired, they know the hiccups you might face during serving time and ensure the important bases are covered. Such as:

  • Placing all cutlery and plates at the beginning of the serving line so your guests grab these first
  • Arrange items in an efficient order, so appetizers first, entrees second and sides last
  • Plus, if you have vegan options, these are placed to the end or on a different line so those guests know exactly where to go
  • Well-detailed labels are provided for each item so guests know what they are eating. For eg. Our Jerk Chicken label will let you know that it is “mildly spicy” and also “gluten-free.” This already eliminates 99% of the questions someone would ask a server
  • Provide sternos and steam pans (at a small additional cost) to ensure food stays hot until serving time

To make things flow even better, you could also have a team member from your company (corporate event) or a family member (private event) act as an usher and tell guests where to go and how to find specific items.

If it is a table event, you could also create groups for different sets of tables and place cards on each table highlighting (Group A, Group B, etc.) and have guests come to the serving line in groups (just like boarding a flight). This avoids bottlenecks and makes things flow even smoother.

All in all, by hiring an efficient drop-off caterer who foresees all the problems you might face and addresses them, you have saved yourself a few hundred bucks and provided a great experience for your guests.

More money to spend on other services

So, you just saved an extra $450 – woohoo! The question now is do you pocket that or put it elsewhere. Well, unless you don’t mind cleaning up yourself or don’t have any other miscellaneous costs to cover, then sure, pocketing it is the best option.

However, if time and money is valuable to you, then the best bet is to put that extra saving towards other important services such as a cleaning crew or maybe security you hired for the event.

Once you have stayed in budget, there is no loss.

Drop-off catering in Los Angeles
via JamaFo Kitchen

JamaFo Tip: Pick a caterer who makes drop-off catering in Los Angeles a breeze

Finding an efficient drop-off caterer in Los Angeles can be challenging. Unless they have an indelible track record, it is hard to know how they’ll perform when it matters.

The key is to do your research, ask the right questions and get help where needed. Once you have covered all these bases, you are on your way to a successful catering with some sizable savings.