Browse Our Finger Food Catering Menu for Your Los Angeles Event

finger food catering los angeles

Finger foods are the perfect addition to any event big or small. They have just the right amount of appeal to catch everyone’s eye while packing enough flavor to leave everyone satisfied.

Today, we’ll break down our finger food catering menu available in Los Angeles to give you some background as to the ingredients and what to expect.

Ready? Let’s start the tasting…

Meat Options

Cocktail Beef or Chicken Patties

finger food catering los angeles

A thin, flaky crust encases rich, mildly spicy and super flavorful meat. Your guests will love this finger food as it provides the right amount of umph to get any get-together started.

Grilled Chicken Skewers

finger food catering los angeles

Our Grilled Chicken Skewers are not only tasty but also great for cocktails and small parties when you’re looking for a memorable experience.

Pineapple, Plantain & Shrimp Skewers

If you’re looking for an amazing fruit and seafood combo, don’t worry, we got ya!

Beef Skewers

finger food catering los angeles

In Jamaica, we love us some beef. Stewing is the most popular form of cooking and when you add all that stewed flavor to a stick with some bell peppers, what else do you need?

Jerk Chicken Wings

finger food catering los angeles

Jerk Chicken is one of Jamaica’s most popular exports and Jerk Wings is naturally a part of the mix. Sweet, spicy and rich with flavor yet the perfect size for a small gathering or special event.

Jamaican Bourbon Meatballs

finger food catering los angeles

Sumptuous meatballs with a dash of Jamaican bourbon, now this party will be lit!

Non-Meat Options

Cocktail Vegetable Patties

finger food catering los angeles

Cabbage, corn, peas and carrots wrapped in a thin, flaky crust packs just the punch.

Grilled Vegetable Skewers

finger food catering los angeles

A skewer packed with plantains, bell peppers and pineapples seasoned with our authentic herbs and spices is just what you are looking for.

Veggie Sliders

finger food catering los angeles

A solid bite of our Jerk Veggie Patty with avocado and other healthy, tasty additions.

Jerk Tofu Sticks

finger food catering los angeles

Tofu can be bland, but not ours. We ensure that every bite is full of rich island flavor and rhythm.

Have any questions about our finger food catering offerings or ready to get your order started? Contact us today.

Dave-Anthony is the Director of Marketing for JamaFo Jamaican Food. He's Jamaican born and migrated to New York in 2011. He has since gained over 3 years of experience in the food industry as the Marketing & Locations Manager for a NYC restaurant chain and thinks LA is the best move he's ever made. His favorite Jamaican dish is Jamaican-style Fried Chicken with Coconut Rice & Peas accompanied by Island Slaw.