Pre-Packaged Meals, Natural Juices, Seasonings, Spices & Frozen Desserts

What is Flavorz?

Ready-to-eat or ready to cook?

To go items like our Vegan Jerk Drums and Chicken Drumsticks are pre-cooked and refrigerated for you to eat at home. Plus, natural juices, premade seasonings and sauces for you to put on your JamaFo chef hat.

Flavorz by JamaFo
Quality you know and love...

same flavorz, just pre-packaged!

We've simply just packaged our popular flavorz and made it easy for you to have JamaFo at your convenience. Available at all JamaFo locations and coming soon to supermarkets and grocers near you.

So whether you buy a meal in-store or our refrigerated items, you can expect the same quality and taste.

If you want to take it up a notch and put on your chef hat, you can get creative with our powdered seasonings and sauces, or follow our well-curated recipes. Either way, we got ya!

Good food commands good service


From our Founders to the Team Members you interact with at the Front Counter, we aim to offer you the best customer service. One filled with positive vibes and good energy. We are a digital company, but behind the apps and websites are real people who care about your interaction with our food, our stores and beyond.

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