How to Order the Proper Portions for Your Next Los Angeles Catering

How To Order Proper Portions

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When it comes to organizing your Los Angeles catering, there is always a challenge that comes into play. You have already decided your caterer for the day, done your research, read reviews and got feedback from your coworkers or party guests as to what they like, so what else could there be?

All the footwork for your catering is complete and you’re ready to make your order, but, here’s the problem, how much food do do you need to adequately cover your guests and also have a buffer?

This is a frequently asked question by many catering clients as they’re always worried about ensuring portions are enough to cover their guests so as to satisfy everyone’s palate and not having anyone left without food.

Hence, from the beginning we decided to make it easy for you to know just how much food you’re ordering by adding serving sizes for all our menu items as can be seen via our ordering platform ( below.

For example, most of our half trays serve 10-12 people while our full trays serve 20-24.

This is important information that gives you peace of mind and which many other caterers fail to display, so you end up ordering too little or far too much and then half of your money goes in the trash can. After all you can only eat so much leftovers.

When searching for a caterer, always ask for portioning information if it is not readily available.

Here’s a quick guide to ordering the right portions for your JamaFo Los Angeles catering:

As a start, we recommend these serving sizes per person.

  • Proteins like Jerk Chicken or BBQ Chicken – 2 pieces per person
  • Proteins like Jerk Pork or Stewed Beef – 4 ounces per person
  • Proteins like seafood – 4 ounces per person
  • Fried Plantains – 2 pieces per person
  • Coconut Rice & Peas – 1-2 spoons per person
  • Skewers – 1-2 per person
JamaFo Jamaican Food Jerk Chicken - White Meat
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Also ask yourself the following questions:

What type of event are you hosting?

Of course, hosting a office lunch will require different quantities than if you’re hosting a pool party. For eg. If your office staff is no more than 20 people, then you know exactly how much food you’ll need for everyone to eat sufficiently.

However, if you’re having a party it is always good to have a buffer beyond your estimated headcount as invited guests might bring plus ones or even twos, etc.

How long is the event?

This is an important element to consider when deciding portioning. If it’s just a board meeting that will go on for no more than 1 hour then you just need the basics, but if you’re having a backyard BBQ or end of year office party, then you need more food as people will eat and drink excess.

What type of food do you want to serve?

The type of food you want to serve will depend on your event. If you’re having a daily office lunch then you need healthy food that is filling to take your team through the day. On the other hand, if you’re having a meetup or gallery showing, then appetizers and finger foods are just fine and you would order portioning accordingly.

Ordering the right portions for your Los Angeles catering is a science, it takes time, estimation, food categories and other elements into play. If you’re considering JamaFo Jamaican Food for your next event we have already done a lot of the groundwork for you by adding serving sizes to our items. However, if you have any questions, we’re just an email or phone call away.

Have a great event!

Dave-Anthony is the Co-Founder, Director of Marketing & Locations for JamaFo Food Brands. He's Jamaican born and migrated to New York in 2011. He has since gained over 5 years of experience in the food industry as the Marketing Manager for a NYC restaurant chain and thinks LA is the best move he's ever made. His favorite Jamaican dish is Jamaican-style Fried Chicken with Coconut Rice & Peas accompanied by Island Slaw.