JamaFo Food Brands Charity

JamaFo Food Brands is home to JamaFo Jamaican Food CateringJamaFo Jamaican Food Xpress and FIMI Wings. Three different sub-brands with a shared set of core values.

Be Authentic, Be Consistently Good, Be Kind

We believe that where much is given, much is expected and as such we stand true to the Be Kind part of those values by giving back to the community.

Starting in 2020, a percentage of all sales from each JamaFo Food Brand will go to charity.

Each operation will contribute its share to our in-house organization, “JAMAFO FOOD BRANDS CARE” which will be officially launched later this year.

We also partner with other organizations (such as Wisdom Philanthropy) providing support in kind or money to help causes we believe in.

Our mission is to help our fellow brothers and sisters in need, plus create beautiful smiles and hearts along the way.