Redefining What it Means to Be a Jamaican Restaurant in Los Angeles

Jamaican Restaurants in Los Angeles

Jamaican food in Los Angeles still has a very far way to go. Unlike Mexican and Asian food that is available on every street corner, you have to go out of your way to find a Jamaican spot to chow down.

Of course, this is understandable. The Jamaican population in Los Angeles and California in general is insignificant compared to the millions of Mexicans, Central Americans and Asians living here.

This means there’s a lot of room for growth and opportunity in a city that is known for its eclectic mix of food offerings and experimental palate.

So with Jamaican food being so rare in Los Angeles, what does it mean to redefine the cuisine in this city?

Well, for starters, it begins with taking an educational approach to how we enter the market. Despite Jamaican food being very popular around the world and in Eastern states like New York and Florida, Jamaican cuisine is lesser known in the Western United States.

Therefore, it takes a little more education to let people know about our menu build up, the flavor components, the popular entrees, the cultural influences and background behind our food and how it can be eaten.

Secondly, redefining the cuisine means going outside of our comfort zone and bringing our offerings to the masses right where they work, live and play.

As of today, many Jamaican restaurants in Los Angeles stick to South LA in towns like Culver City, neglecting popular areas like Hollywood, Santa Monica, DTLA, East LA and The Valley, where customers are craving for new gastronomic experiences beyond Asian and Mexican.

This is why we decided to begin a revolution within the Los Angeles Jamaican food scene and make our cuisine accessible to the masses in and around the city.

Our first official JamaFo Jamaican Food Xpress location will be launched August 2019 in Canoga Park with more to come within the next few months in places like West Hollywood and DTLA.

We are going beyond just offering something different but also changing the way you access our cuisine, making it an educational, convenient and most of all, delicious experience.

Dave-Anthony is the Director of Marketing for JamaFo Jamaican Food. He's Jamaican born and migrated to New York in 2011. He has since gained over 3 years of experience in the food industry as the Marketing & Locations Manager for a NYC restaurant chain and thinks LA is the best move he's ever made. His favorite Jamaican dish is Jamaican-style Fried Chicken with Coconut Rice & Peas accompanied by Island Slaw.