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What is Jamin Vegan?

WE SERVE UP wings with real flavor

Digital takeout and delivery restaurant in Los Angeles serving up tropical vegan flavors with a wow. Made with fully plant-based and wholesome ingredients like GMO-Free Soy and Wheat Protein. Prepared in a facility where meat is sold. However, all Vegan products are prepared in a separate area without any contact being made.

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Spicy, flavorful and healthy. Our vegan menu offers up a mix of traditional island fare with a vegan twist. Check out our reviews and see what actual customers are saying.

Good food commands good service


From our Founders to the Team Members you interact with at the Front Counter, we aim to offer you the best customer service. One filled with positive vibes and good energy. We are a digital company, but behind the apps and websites are real people who care about your interaction with our food, in our stores and beyond.

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