How to Order from JamaFo Xpress

How To Order Pickup or Delivery from JamaFo Xpress

In today's world, convenience means everything to you, and we know that.

JamaFo Food Brands is a Green Company

JamaFo Food Brands is a Green Company

Starting in 2020, JamaFo Food Brands will play our part in reducing our ecological footprint through these initiatives.

JamaFo Food Brands Charity

JamaFo Food Brands – A Percentage of Every Sale Goes to Charity

Starting in 2020, a percentage of all sales from each JamaFo Food Brand will go to charity.

jamaican food in la

How To Eat Jamaican Food in L.A. Every Day of the Week

Today, we give you a 7 day meal breakdown of our menu so you can enjoy Jamaican food in L.A. any day of the week whether you're a meat eater or vegan.

canoga park restaurants

Canoga Park Restaurants: How JamaFo Xpress & FIMI Wings Will Spice Up The Food Scene

In Fall 2019 JamaFo Jamaican Food will open not one but two new restaurant concepts in the Canoga Park area.

Jamaican Restaurants in Los Angeles

Redefining What it Means to Be a Jamaican Restaurant in Los Angeles

Jamaican restaurants in Los Angeles have a far way to go to bring our cuisine to the masses and really captivate the market.

Browse Our JamaFo Xpress Jamaican and Tropical-Inspired Menu

Our JamaFo Xpress menu is easy, light and clean, just giving you the Jamaican foods you love with some tropical-inspired flair.

jamaican food in los angeles

5 Common Misconceptions About Jamaican Food in Los Angeles

Like many other common Jamaican stereotypes, our food is not immune to constant generalization and superfluous perceptions.

Where can I find Jamaican food in Los Angeles

Where Can I Find Authentic Jamaican Food in Los Angeles?

Finding REAL Jamaican food in Los Angeles is not an easy feat. Let's change that!