JamaFo Jamaican Food Xpress

Why We Decided to Start a Virtual/Digital Restaurant Chain in Los Angeles

JamaFo Jamaican Food Xpress offers up Jamaican and tropical-inspired fare via Postmates, Grubhub, UberEats, DoorDash and Delivery.com.

JamaFo Xpress Canoga Park

Why We Chose Canoga Park as the First Location for JamaFo Xpress

JamaFo Xpress will operate as a digital restaurant, ushering in the start of a new age for the food industry.

JamaFo Xpress - Takeout Food in Los Angeles

Where To Find Delicious & Mouthwatering Takeout in Los Angeles

Whether its a quick bite for lunch or some pick-me-up grub after the club, takeout is a natural go to for many people.

Caribbean Food in Los Angeles

How To Find Awesome & Authentic Caribbean Food in Los Angeles

When most people think of Caribbean food, there is one that shines above all the other cuisines of the region, Jamaican food.

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Where Can I Find the Best Residential Catering in Los Angeles?

The time has come for that special event of the year to be planned. It is an occasion that calls for the best feet stomping music and GREAT food.

what is jerk chicken

What is Jerk Chicken & How Did It Become So Popular?

When you hear "jerk chicken," for some reason, no matter who you are or where you're from, you automatically think of Jamaica.

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Where Can I Find the Best Corporate Catering in Los Angeles?

Lunch time should inspire, create laughter, interesting conversations and a socially productive experience. Let's help you create that environment.