JamaFo Xpress - Takeout Food in Los Angeles

Whether its a quick bite for lunch or some pick-me-up grub after the club, takeout is a natural go to for many people.

Here in Los Angeles, tacos, pizzas and Chinese are the most popular options when it comes to takeout, as they are affordable, quick and you always know what you’re getting. But, times are changing and takeout has now graduated to higher-end fare, food carts and even virtual restaurants catering solely to online customers.

JamaFo Xpress - takeout in los angeles
Coconut Rice & Peas – via JamaFo’s Kitchen

The takeout industry in the US is a multi-billion dollar one encapsulating millions of food businesses, from the small mom and pops to the franchised fast food giants.

Finding takeout food anywhere in Los Angeles is an easy task and can be done without even leaving your bed, due to the convenience of food delivery apps like Postmates and DoorDash.

You know exactly how to access the app and find something to chow down, that is not the issue. The problem comes about when it is time to change things up.

Let’s face it, tacos, pizzas and Chinese get very old after a while and there comes a time when your taste buds are craving something authentic, sumptuous, dripping with flavor and oh so spicy. This is where Jamaican takeout comes in.

In April 2019, here at JamaFo Jamaican Food we launched JamaFo Xpress, a quick service restaurant concept that focuses on altering our popular catering menu to target takeout customers.

After numerous requests, we decided to sell our fares on food delivery apps like Grubhub, Postmates and UberEats to much fanfare.

Within a few short weeks we saw the need to expand our concept beyond a virtual quick service kitchen and actually open a physical quick service location for online orders, pickups and walk-ins. The first of which will be in Canoga Park, West San Fernando Valley, set to open this summer.

JamaFo Xpress - takeout in los angeles
Curried Chicken (White Meat) – via JamaFo’s Kitchen

This means you’ll now have an awesome addition to your everyday takeout options. Something beyond the same ol’ boring tacos, sliders and orange chicken.

With prices ranging between $10 – 17 for entrees, you can rest assure that you’re getting quality food, bursting with authentic island flavors in every bite.

Finding takeout in Los Angeles is easy-peasy, but finding awesome, quality options is difficult and rare. JamaFo Xpress changes the way you think about takeout by making you excited to spend your hard earned money, not sad.